Indicted and sentenced to death for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Tryna Middleton, abduction of Melinda G., abduction of Venita M.

According to the former Assistant Prosecutor, a serial rapist and murderer who had been in prison before for raping another little girl.

Never confessed to any of the crimes he was accused of. Not even the ones he was caught red-handed with.


In the opinion of his former defense attorney, not guilty of the two aggravating circumstances, kidnapping and rape that brought with them the death penalty.

In the opinion of his current defense attorney, not guilty of all the crimes he was convicted for, including the murder of Tryna Middleton.


For his sister Crystal, the big brother who always took care of his siblings when they were little, a replacement for parents who were often missing.

For his son Damion, the father he remembers as caring and loving during the few months that they were able to spend together and whom he has missed painfully for the past 27 years. He believes his father when he claims innocence.

In his own words, the sound recording from Ohio's death row in Youngstown gives not only a unique insight into how he experienced his own execution but also a glimpse of Romell Broom, the person and human being.


Who they should "hang by his balls", says his former victim Melinda. In her mind guilty not only of her own abduction, but also the abduction, rape and murder of Tryna Middleton, and the murder of Gloria Pointer.


"Impossible", says his blind fiancée. "He would never be capable of doing something like that."
The man who made a bear for her for her birthday and can identify with her as a blind person. The man who helped with his own execution not showing any violent or aggressive behavior. "What other proof is anyone ever gonna need, that he's innocent?"

Yvonne Pointer wrote letters to Romell Broom in prison for over 20 years. Shortly before his execution date, he finally wrote back saying he had nothing to do with the murder of her beloved child Gloria. Did he do it? Yvonne Pointer says that whether he did or not is no longer important, she has forgiven the murderer of her daughter long time ago.

What does Romell Broom say himself?
Until today he claims he's innocent. Never admitted to anything.